Take Me Back

This world doesn’t belong to me

I am haunted by a strange melancholy of what used to be

More I breathe, I realise

I do not belong

A lot changed since the last time I was here

I see people pressing the self destruct button more than ever

And I am surprised

Looking for love is uncool

But chasing success is what you should do

To exist is so underrated

We all want to leave a legacy

Racing, scurrying, hurrying, hurting, fighting, screaming

As if it’s an advanced level of hunger games

I don’t want to live here

Take me back when time was slow

Take me back now

To the silence

To the green where birds chirp

Where the most fierce sound is a lion’s roar

Where you look in my eyes

Every night

And tell me one day humans will fly

And I will be glad it will not be in my time

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