I am fascinated how the definition of love

Has changed for me

O’er the years

Love started as a boy who planned to

Sit next to me during an exam

And spent his time looking at my face

It was a voice on the rotary phone

That only responded to my hello

and turned cold to everyone else

Love was a phone call that lasted through the night

And rendered me sleepless for days

Love was a reluctant kiss

And an unwanted touch, oh well, it took me a while

To realise love wasn’t all that

Love was that first voice on the phone

That sought me again

Love was expensive gifts

And magnanimous show of affection

Until love was not a bribe

Love was a shy boy

That let me be

And love was everything I was thankful for

Like it, all led to me, there

That morning

Love was a never-ending high

Then, all of a sudden love was the man that left

Love was all the pieces of my broken heart

Now, love is serenity

Love is a boy all over again

Who holds me in one hand

And his dreams in other

Love is letting him go

And loving myself evermore.

3 thoughts on “Love”

    1. You are very kind. I don’t know you outside of this blog but I really appreciate the effort you make on my posts. Thank you so much. I have always had people looking out for me. Now I have one here. Loads of love to you. You write really well too.

      Liked by 1 person

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