Knock Knock

Knock knock knock knock
Knock knock knock knock
Clock went tick tock
12 in the noon, weathers gloomy tune
Pitter patter pitter patter
Raindrops hitting the window

Knock went the shoe rack
Windows smashed against the rainy breeze
Nowhere to go nowhere to hide
The Demons inside my head called me the black bride
The lightning sparks turned photographer,
For it was the wedding ride

Chandeliers lit on the top of the room
Was it a house, or a ghost of the groom
Overlooking mountains, covering the lake
Seemed ethereal, yours to take
He called me, he voiced out
I failed to resist, couldn’t bow out

Chandeliers lit like shades as his apparition walked through the lane
He held my hand as we walked through the rain
Many maidens, he loved, he conquered
He ran his fingers through their neck
Cut their hair and it rained blood

He held me close, he ran through my veins
Traced his fingers through the flow,
Gripped my neck and tugged my hair
Made love to me, got me low
I looked at his eyes and he was the darkest wise
His eyes matched mine, as they grew
My eyes shone blood, he withdrew

I tugged his hair and held his nape
Demon I own you
Bend your knee, I screamed through
Shivers ran his spine and they gripped him whole
As he fell to his knees and lost his soul
He could only breathe, never was whole
That was the end of his reign,

He burned through the flame and
Before the end, before last, he was last seen
Ran into the forest, screaming bow to my queen


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