So five years back, a friend of mine

And I

Sat on the seaside

On a sunny afternoon

And wondered

“What happens when people finally strike out their bucket list?

How do you live when you know you’ve seen it all?”

This changed me

I tore my bucket list

And threw the crumpled piece of paper

In the bin

How do you bucket out desires?

What do we live for?

Things, places and experiences

How do our lives become To-Do lists.

What after the lists are complete

Do we make a few more?

Or just nonchalantly wait for life

To be taken away?

Or are we just cynics

And we take the steam of dreamers?

Were we dreamers too


Only to realise our lives

Cannot be bucketed


Put in types

So I don’t make bucket lists anymore

I breathe and let go

If it comes it comes

I don’t wanna live in the

Fear of missing out

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