Early Summer Evenings

I watch him sprawled like a Syrian cat

While the sun hits his face

From the kitchen window

He bites his lower lip

I laugh

We have played too much of this game

I don’t move an inch

He doesn’t either

Winter fades in the background

He is my summer obsession

Trend of the season

My eyes run through his skin

Radiating sun,

Golden glow

Staring into my eyes

And I stare back at his

I fooled the world into thinking

I could never look in someone’s eyes

Oh I would spend eternity in his

And he would gladly reside in mine

The clock ticks rapidly into the sunset

As ships sail in the distance

Waves lash the shore

We live in the distance between his naked body

And my clothed self

“I have somewhere to be”, I say

I smile again as I leave through the door

He still bites his lip as he watches me go

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