There is a strange melancholy

In the air

When I leave these city streets behind me

Into the wilderness

The scent of your skin

Is pulling me back in

The desire within

Fluorescent lights your face

Incandescent mine

A part of me caresses your neck

You are busy, but what the heck

Craning my head from your left

Biting your lips

While my frozen hands seek you

Your heart and it’s beat

The ribs and your gut

Hey what does it say

I walk around

Hold the armrest

Bend over

Burn your lips with my fire

And your neck with coldness in my soul

Pull your tshirt over your head

Oh hey! Don’t say a word

Let me hear you moan

As my hands scurry

To your manhood

Trace it

From the tip to the joint

And cup the moons of your galaxy

And get a taste of you

Inside my mouth

While you hold my hair

Don’t say anything it’s not fair

You will get your time

You will have your share

Your manhood slides in and out

It’s hot it’s cold

It feels my tongue

Oh until, the blood rushes out your face

And the sun goes down

And we are both lit by the same red light

Radiating to our skin

I take you in

You masculine

To my feminine

And the war of humanity

We tread, and we trample

We pull hair

And we hold hands

Get a grip of the ground beneath us

While our bodies produce sparks

And I bite your lips

I walk around

Lean in from your left

And my hands withdraw

And I backtrack way back

Outside the city

In the air,

There is a strange melancholy

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