Christmas night

In my mind I kept having this simple idea

About me and you

Where we sit on the stairs of my home

On a Christmas night

Sipping on hot chocolate

You and I sit on the stairs and

My dogs snuggle close by

It’s not a cold night you know

At my place

It is warm, humid, a breath of air

The smell is a marriage between sea and forests

That is solemnized by the underrated hills

It is where I grew up

You will tell me, how you ate some of the best pork that night

And I wonder how I almost ended up with a guy who hated pork

I let out a laugh and you pester me

You ask me the reason and I

Tell you that it’s the wine from the dinner

That has me dizzy

I show you fireflies and the glowing eyes at the distance

I tell you that it’s a wild cat

And you say “I could live here forever”

I am amazed how you never complained about anything the entire night

How is your face so bright

In a land so foreign to you

Maybe I was looking for someone like you

My heart craved you every Christmas night

Somewhere a part of me missed your presence just maybe

Otherwise why would Christmas suddenly look so serene

Like your beautiful face

Maybe that night will give you a new side

To me, to us

I hope you will love me more as the night ends

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