You completed me

You woke up pretty early that morning

So did I

You couldn’t contain your feelings

And the same went for me

You dragged yourself to a shower

So did I

Feeling the first rays of the sun

Of the last few days of summer

Welcoming a new life

And me too

You were going to remember this day forever

And I’d always feel it in my bones

Your friends hugged you

And so did mine

Told you it was time

Mine told me to take my time

You dressed up in the best of your attire

And I wore the best I could

We both stepped out of the house

To the best venue in the city

You walked the aisle with tears in your eyes

I held on hard so as to not break down

We both ate the best lunch

Everyone told you that you were the prettiest

And they told me I was brave

They told you he couldn’t do better than you

They told me the same

While we both returned home to start our new lives

You felt it was a dream

And I thought it was a cruel one

You crashed into the arms of my love

And I crashed into an empty bed

That night you completed me for him

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