At the age of 4, grandma told people I was a bitch.

At 8, I knew what it meant to be violated.

At 9, I knew what shame was, fear and guilt was.

At 10, I knew blackmail.

At 12, first love.

At 15, my own friends labelled me a flirt.

At 16, I knew what violation was again.

At 17, I was called a slut.

At 18, I got into an abusive relationship.

At 19, I slit my hand and used a needle to deface my left palm.

At 20, I walked out of his life.

At 24, I fell for my man who’d betray me to utter despair.

At 25, my family accused to ill treating their mom.

At 26, I came close to death

And finally at 27, I learned to love my life. I know it’s not much.

But I am still alive.

And my grandma was right all along.

I was a bitch and a tough one at that.

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