Monster Inc.

It whispers your name
When the night is ripe
It calls you out
From your shoe rack
Sometimes it masks a lover
And friend other times
It’s vicious it’s lifeless
It’s Ruthless it’s cold

You live in its house
The abode you thought was yours
So perfect, French windows that
Open to the view of the sea
Multitude of skies during sunset
The house that fakes life
Is lit like a dream
Oh wait, it’s a lure
An illusion
“Don’t go! Stop” your gut screams

But it calls your name
Makes you go weak in the knees
It has a face so fair
Eyes so blue, it says
“Baby, you are mine”
It’s voice so true

It caresses your stomach
But doesn’t show its face
It’s watching you as you sleep
It’s presence so deep

You barely breathe
It’s up from sleep
It’s coming to get you
Runaway, not the time to weep

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