And recently

I have recently been feeling
Like an aberration
An anomaly in this otherwise
Oh so perfect world
Like my existence is an exception
I walk around sorted faces
Where everything is set so perfectly
My house looks like a mess

Recently, I realized I have no friends
At least not the one with squads and goals
When betrayal is what you have seen
Since an early age
I guess you lose faith in the concept
Of ‘your’ people

Of late, I realize that when they say
“You are a daughter of the house”,
That a son’s daughters are different
Than that of a daughter’s
No matter how hard you try to please
When you get judged and teased
You inflict harm on self
Because ‘your’ world constantly
Told you to be something
That you are not

And I recently have been feeling
Like I don’t make sense at all
To myself or to the universe
Like I am a child with special abilities
And ability is to be retarded
Maybe my second-grade teacher was right
That I was mentally ill maybe
Or maybe my uncle was on-point when he said
I bring nothing but shame

I recently have realized how I am
A good human
They convinced for two decades that
I was a monster
I believed I was a monster
I wasn’t, now it looks like
I am anything but a monster
But when your own family treats you like one
You listen to no one

And recently I have been feeling like
The tales are wrongly written
Monsters are angels
That these seemingly perfect people outcast
Because who likes an aberration
In a beautiful world made of glass
Who likes a human with inaccuracies
In a town filled with Stepford Wives

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