The house stood on top of a hill

Away from all the civilization

They could avoid

He loved mountains

She adored the seas

So they lived on a fort

Beside the sea,

Taking a ferry to reach the rocky shores

Where the waves lashed

With a vengeance

They were royalty in that piece

Of unclaimed land

Visitors were always welcome

They were treated to tales

And insanely delicious food

In the night

Fires were lit,

The sparks flew to join the stars

Up above

As waves raced to reach the moon

The fort came to life

Every night

Banquets were set

Chandeliers were candle lit

Lanterns lit the way

She was adorned with precious stones

And delicately woven fabric

He watched his kingdom

Dressed in royalty

Made whole by the crown

Times around them had changed

World lived in oblivion

While the long dead queen and king

Were born again

And the enchanted fort

Waited in anticipation for their arrival

It’s like they say

No matter how and where you are born

Your heart leads you back to your kingdom

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