Child of the Wind

She wandered lonely
Across the fields
And the deep dark woods
Hiding her face in the daylight

She was, but a normal girl
What was her fault
That her body housed two souls
And for two decades and a wearisome half

A stranger soul made her a human
But she was a child of the wind
And of the fire
She walked like a human
Spoke like a sweet woman

Until a man broke her apart
Humans are not to be trusted
The voice in her head echoed
She fled into humans’ arms
Again and again
To silence them

Until one day, the human took away
Her heart and stabbed her in the back
As she lay in the dark corner
Fighting a deadly battle in her head
Her soul took over

And her skin broke in places
Her lips died
And emotions flew by
Her nails grew sharp as claws
Curls turned blue

Her eyes flamed
And she went cold
She could walk no more
Her knees cracked
And she couldn’t look at herself no more

She had no shadow
She decided to die,
One night she stepped out
And crawled to the tallest skyscraper
She could find
Jumped down, only to find herself flying

She screamed, and lightning struck
On a summer night
And when she shuddered in fright
It was the sound of the thunder
And when she wept
It rained

So, she wandered lonely
Across the fields
And the woods
Hiding her face in the daylight
But in the night

Day after day she took flight
She was yet to figure out the
Extent of her power,
As she wandered into the woods
A wave of her hand ​caused a storm

But she didn’t know this
Until she flew at night to win back her love
And found him in another lady’s arms
That she could burn down anything
With her agony
Her screech destroyed his world
Almost, until her tears brought back the rain
And saved his life

Her power was ethereal
And humans would never comprehend
They would call her a monster
If they were to see her
That was the last time she was seen in the city
Before she took her flight
To live in her new home
Across the fields
In the deep dark woods

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