Little boy

Let me tell you a story

Of this little boy across the river
Who’d spend every day
Catching little frogs,
They were the only friends he knew
Told them his tales
While the frogs crashed beside him
Beneath a rock and listened
When the sun went home
So did he,
Lived with his grandfather
Oh this little boy
Dreamed of being a storyteller
That’s all he knew and all he wanted to be
Stories of how earth loved the moon
While sun loved the earth
What an amaze, this little boy
Who knew secrets of the universe
At a tender age of eight
Setting his world so straight
Until one day,
And one day came new resident
This little chica,
A girl around the age of ten,  as beautiful as a sunny day
She was as beautiful as a sunny day
Stars in her eyes twinkled
As she spoke
About the wonders of the world
Every day on the island, she spent with her little friends
she spent with her little friends
As the boy watched from a distance
There was a storyteller better than he was
Even if not a word could he decipher
One morning the girl wandered out alone
Almost lost she found the boy
Startled him as he was looking for her
Smiles made their way across two new friends
While they spoke in tongues
Their stories were always in a flow
Held each other hands until the sun sunk deep
And she said goodbye,
He said “See you tomorrow”
She left and never returned
And my poor little boy could never tell a story again

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