Dear Mr. Mistry

The Obsessive Writing Challenge – Week 1

Dear Mr. Mistry

We do, don’t we

Have a history

As we unravelled the mystery

Of our chemistry

We transcended connections of souls

Now, our bodies recognize each other

O’er Rum at times

O’er gin, we sinned


Dear Mr. Mistry

We watch docks anchored to the port

From a safe distance

Glued to each other,

As I run my fingers through your curls

You trace the way down my spine

To the soft glow of the twilight

Hitting our faces

Radiating heat from

You to me

And me to you


Dear Mr. Mistry

I, an unfaithful wife

Yearn for your touch

Rather than his,

To whom I am bound a lifetime

He’s brash,

At times rash.

But you sir, your hold

So delicate,

As a seamstress handles satin,

But sir, the world says we are a sin.


Dear Mr. Mistry,

You aren’t aware of this

Cardinal sin

I, a woman of another

Lust for your touch on my skin

You are a party now

And I am too

But dear Mr. Mistry,

Seems now that I am in love with you.


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