Heartbreak is a 04:00PM sun

It smacks you right in the face

Every time you get back up

It’s when you find his picture with her

And your strength leaves you

Faster than the speed of light

Burning your face through the window

It’s when you pretend to hold yourself together

But your lips tremble

And tears trickle down

Heartbreak is when you taste a nightmare

When your  eyes are open

And you can’t wake yourself up

Because you are already awake

You want to sleep and never wake up

Till the time rights itself

Wake up with no memory

Of their treacherous promises

Heartbreak is when you are so empty

That every breath feels like waste of air

And you wonder why

It still hurts like it was yesterday

It’s when you ask yourself

How much longer are we going to cry

And a voice inside you says maybe forever

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