Lioness and the Wolf

The Lioness
Bruised, broken, dethroned, ousted
Out of her jungle
Wondered into another
Hiding in a cave
Licking her wounds
Tear trickled down
During dark nights
And long days
Torrential rain
Met no foe met no friend

The wolf
Alpha, he led his pack
Spend its time wandering
In solitude
Sat on top of a hill
Looking down,
He wanted out
Of this jungle
Long nights
Wearisome days
Torrential rain

One day the lioness
Ventured out
In the dark,
Leaves rustled
Lioness was on prowl
So was the wolf
She proceeded closer
And so did he
The night was dark and bitter
So alert, so ready
She to devour
He to protect his pack
The wolf howled
The lioness roared

Both stopped in their tracks
As their eyes met,
Wolf hasn’t smelled
Something so refreshing
Like fresh apples and summertime
On a winter night
Lioness hasn’t seen eyes so
Like on a journey to the red moon
On a starry night

They mellowed down
Looking at each other for a long while
Getting closer by the hour
Huddled close
On the top of the hill
Next to the cave and
Waited for the morning sun
The rain ceased
And sun peaked through
The Lioness
Fell in love with the wolf
The wolf walked away
As the lioness watched
Their unmoved gaze

Now every night the
Lioness waits for the wolf
At the same spot,
The wolf watches her from
Behind the cave,
Both in love
But helpless in their own ways


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