I, His and He mine.

“Kiss your lips 

Or push you off this ship”I asked him

“Let me pick”, he smiled

He blew smoke into the air

That carried the smell of the sea

Mixed with the whiff of his aftershave

Everyday with him was a rave

A trip of hash

From a bud of nicotine

A joint he couldn’t roll,

The magic in his imperfection

Innocence in his face

Wine his poison, he mine 

Hug his ale, he mine 
“Well, make a smart choice

While you still have your voice”

I retort

Held me closer 

Clasped my hands

The perfect application of 

A firm grip, 

“One last dance, ma’am”, he teased

He had me, in a way 

Like I always knew him 

From somewhere far,

As if the message in a bottle 

Finally found its way to the shore

Swayed his way across the floor

His open shirt dancing with the wind 

Art his passion and he mine

This, his undoing, he mine 
“Kiss me to death”, he whispered 

As time sped faster, he inched closer

His head made its way to mine

Collision of energy fields 

Aurora and fairy lights 

Colours that bled and

Crystals that fled into the air 

When we were on the edge 

Of magnificence

As we took a leap 

From the ship 

Into the ocean beneath us 

And at moment,

I was his God, and he mine

I, his Satan, and he mine 

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