And I am not here today
Beside you
Around you
Or behind you
So aloof
So cold
But, my ghost
Sits next to you
Crawls up close
Rests my head on your shoulders
You will play our song
Huddle close to the wall,
No other song makes sense
We, made for each other
Transcending lifetimes
And you feel the void
But, you stay
So aloof
So cold
Unable to touch
To hug tight
Your blurry moon spectacles
My ghost draws arms across you
Firecrackers and lit homes
City lights and urchins dancing on the road
But you and my ghost
Huddled close in the dark corner
Of our room
Lit with fairy lights
I told you, you’d miss me
You laughed and danced
Out of the room,
So much love, awe for you
Even my ghost
Wanders in your city now
Lives with you
Watches you breathe
You fall asleep
Listens to your heartbeat
If this isn’t loving,
Then I don’t know what is

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