Describe sea without using the very word…

I curl up watching you
At a distance
You move closer and then apart
You scare me
For your love is passion
Intimidating sucking me in
and kicking me out
So many lost in you
Still a dream you be
I come to you
So afraid to touch
So I watch you from a distance
You are me and I am you
Restless, mad, yearning for moon
And other times careless
So vast, you are the universe
Most part of you still untouched
You are a lover and the warrior
Men love to hate you
But they cannot conquer you
You are the untamed
For when you spurn
You burn and
When you heal
World stand no deal
Taking the color of the sky
Burning in the sun
Drowning in the rain
You walk along storms
You aim for the moon
What a cruel illusionist
Letting you close to throw you apart
Drives you mad and draws you wild
But he’s your lover and
You know
Love returned a few
But unrequited a lot
Moon doesn’t define nor does the sky
Never the men who
Make you bleed, let you cry
For you know, he will come
While you rush to the moon
Looks for your sun
Rising beneath mountains
Tracing the skies
Sees wonders, goldmines,
Streams and rivers
But when the day ends
To you, he comes
And he serenely lies beside you
With you, he becomes one

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