Two Strangers

A cloudburst and a high tide,
didn’t stop the time for
two strangers stuck inside a lift.
Fear of closed spaces haunted him
Fear of strangers hounded her
It was a matter of minutes
Before they’d be out of each other’s
hell. A temporary nightmare

Lift like a  spacecraft it took flight
only to stop on the floor no. 16
like a minor crash.
Lights blinked and danced
before they bid goodbye.

What remained is a faint red light
Radiating from her skin
And his eyes,
playing with the demons
inside their heads.
Making them sweat profusely,
their heartbeats racing to the moon
as moments turned to hours.

Her lips struggled as they
acknowledged this other stranger.
He wore full moon spectacles
His eyes transferred electricity
to her brain
This man with a faint beard,
A well-groomed stache;
A charmer he must have been
her mind said. He still probably was one.
A black thread  was wound around his ankle
for protection.
But he was a stranger nevertheless.

He barely smiled
He hated closed spaces so bad
it reminded him of all the times,
he was imprisoned by his mind
 the world, his people.
He fought his demons, at least he tried until
 his fears transformed into metaphors.

His eyes hovered over her face
Her lipstick, her tiny eyes
His only solace in his hell
as if she was reminding him to breathe.

Their legs gave up and
in their own time, they slid to the floor.
Curled up in the corner.
It was a nightmare,
living in a closed space
with a stranger.

Death is not always scary I guess
Sometimes life kills cruel.
They huddled close,
he stretched his arm across her shoulder
while she rested her head on his chest.

Perspiring faces,
Trembling lips,
Shivering hands
Drew into a kiss.
At that moment
when she tasted a friend,
He savored freedom

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